European Liberal Arts Student Network



European Liberal Arts Student Network (European LAS Network) connects liberal arts students from all over Europe. On Tuesday, June 14 we will spend the afternoon together from 3pm (GMT+2). Accept the invitation to the conference we are organizing with the support of The European Consortium of Liberal Arts and Sciences (ECOLAS) and join us.
The main part of the program will be a short lecture on gender equality (gender stereotypes) by Mária Dudžáková. As a graduate of the University of Amsterdam, she specializes in gender and sexuality in the context of society. Her prompt will be followed by a joint discussion and activities of students on various topics related to it. We hope it will be both informative and fun!
The second part of the program is dedicated to the awarding of the Hans Adriaansens Student Award winners who will present their projects. You will also hear more about our network and will be given the opportunity to join us! 
The Schedule:
Part 1 /3pm-4.30pm/:
-> opening remarks
-> lecture about gender stereotypes by Mária Dudžáková
-> discussions and activities in groups
-> presenting of the results of discussions
Break /4.30pm-4.40pm/
Part 2 /4.40pm-6pm/:
-> presenting of winning projects of Hans Adriaansen Student Award
-> further information and discussion about European Student Network
You are free to join the first part of the conference, the second part or the conference or both parts of the conference.
The conference will take place online via Zoom. We kindly ask you to register in advance. Here is the registration form! You will receive the link to the webinar once you register.

About the network 

Liberal Arts and Sciences has spread widely throughout Europe over the past decades. Although this innovative form of education strives for excellence and well-developed students, both academically as well as personally, it is not as embedded in the ‘normal’ education system as we would like it to be.

Therefore, in cooperation with ECOLAS, a network of LAS students is being set up that aims at promoting and connecting LAS education throughout Europe. “With projects like the yearly student conference and an online publishing platform compilation of LAS work, we are not only sharing our work with each other, but also the world outside LAS education.” A small, diverse group of students from around Europe leads this network, setting up projects and events for all to help organise and join. If you are interested in joining the network, representing not only your study programme and home university, but also getting the opportunity to be involved in projects for LAS students internationally, then send an email to We hope to speak to you soon! And it would be great to see you in person at our future annual student conference on a Liberal arts campus somewhere in Europe.

Joining the network means you will receive updates on projects and you can be asked to share information with fellow students or help out with projects if you want to. You are not bound to anything and (time) commitment is all up to you. Feel free to contact us with any questions you have.