Hans Adriaansens Student Awards

Europe’s Youth, Its Hopes and Discontents



The ECOLAS project Europe’s Youth, Its Hopes and Discontents attracted 105 students who submitted surveys in order to qualify for Hans Adriaansens Student Awards. 15 students received the Award and their task was to conduct a series of discussions about the hopes and discontents of today’s youth with their fellow students and non-students in their age category.  The results were presented during two webinars on May 27 and May 28 and below you find essays reporting about the discussions.

The webinar was opened with a welcome speech by Professor Hans Adriaansens and continued with presentations and discussion about variety of topics, e.g. combating disinformation on social media, attention to local problems as opposed to global ones. The rich discussion covered several new areas where students were willing to continue in research and discussion. ECOLAS plans to continue nurturing this European discussion with its students.

Here are the webinars of the project European Youth, Its Hopes and Discontents:

Webinar session on Thursday, May 27, 2021 (video) – Vico Genovesi, Julia Jacukowicz, Aljoscha Kroy, Fiona Pantoga-Montoto, Veronika Shevchenko, Krištof Sucha

Webinar session on Friday, May 28, 2021 (video) – Ananya Jain, Anna-Sophie Kloppe, Yuliya Lysakouskaya, Céline Paré, Angelica Stickle, Lola Witzel

Essays by student awardees reporting about the discussions with their peers:

Amar van Duijneveldt (University College Tilburg, The Netherlands), Vico Genovesi (University of Rome Tor Vergata, Global Governance programme), Julia Jacukowicz (University College Groningen, The Netherlands), Ananya Jain (Amsterdam University College), Anna-Sophie Kloppe (Bard College Berlin), Aljoscha Kroy (University College Freiburg, Germany), Fiona Pantoga-Montoto (Bard College Berlin), Céline Paré (Amsterdam University College), Veronika Shevchenko (LCC International University, Lithuania), Angelica Stickle (McDaniel College Budapest), Krištof Sucha (BISLA, Slovakia), Lola Witzel (University College Freiburg, Germany)


Results 2021

This year’s H. A. Student Awards topic seems to have struck a nerve among Europe’s undergraduate students. We received 105 applications in the form of responses to a survey as part of our project, European Youth, Its Hopes and Discontents. Student participants come from 24 institutions in 11 European countries. Most of the responses were of remarkably high quality, a fact that demonstrates the level of concern as well as the hopes of the current student generation for the future of our societies. 

Owing to the quality and size of the response, ECOLAS has decided to extend additional awards to deserving students. Eight students will receive 500 euros each and another 7 students will be awarded 250 euros each in a secondary category. Thus, the number of awarded students has almost doubled to fifteen. As part of the on-going project these students will now initiate a series of discussions in their own environments about the hopes and discontents of today’s youth. 

However, ECOLAS will not turn a blind eye to the other remarkable student thoughts. The project European Youth, Its Hopes and Discontents continues and a selection of the most inspiring answers to our survey questions will be published. Those student participants who were not awarded a prize are invited to write essays on the topic “What do you see or wish as the most positive development for the near future, for you personally, for your society or for the planet?”



Vico Genovesi, University of Tor Vergata, Rome, Italy
Fiona Pantoga-Montoto, Bard College Berlin, Germany
Céline Paré, Amsterdam University College, The Netherlands
Veronika Shevchenko, LCC International University, Lithuania
Angelica Stickle, McDaniel College Budapest, Hungary
Krištof Sucha, Bratislava International School of Liberal Arts, Slovakia
Amar van Duijneveldt, University College Tilburg, The Netherlands
Lola Witzel, University College Freiburg, Germany

Second Prize

Anna-Sophie Kloppe, Bard College Berlin, Germany
Julia Jacukowicz, University College Groningen, The Netherlands
Ananya Jain, Amsterdam University College, The Netherlands
Aljoscha Kroy, University College Freiburg, Germany
Alexandra Metlitskaya, RANEPA, Russia
Emma Olyff, University College of Maastricht, The Netherlands
Yuliya Lysakouskaya, European Humanities University, Lithuania

Call for proposals 2021

Current student generation has a great deal of hope but also concerns for the future of our societies. While you have a deep desire to make the world a better place, sometimes you feel that your views are not taken seriously or that your potential contribution is dismissed by older generations or those in power. Let’s hear from you! 

ECOLAS would like to make the concerns of young Europeans more visible and start a conversation about how education can contribute to preparing students for dealing with these concerns. That is why ECOLAS is announcing the Hans Adriaansens Student Awards call for proposals 2021 for contributions to helping us understand what is bothering this generation of students, but also what gives them hope. This year, Hans Adriaansens Student Awards is therefore called Europe’s Youth, Its Hopes and Discontents.

In order to be considered for the Hans Adriaansens Student Awards, please complete the survey linked below, which includes several essay questions. Up to 8 students who give the most interesting and thought-provoking answers to these questions will be asked to engage in a small number of conversations in their local communities – both academic and non-academic – about the issues they have raised and to write a report about those conversations. Those 8 selected students will receive an award of €500 each.

You can complete the survey here. Please, complete it by April 6th, 2021. We will get in touch with the winners by April 15th to discuss the next steps in organizing the subsequent conversations. Thank you for your interest in the Hans Adriaansens Student Awards.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at info@ecolas.eu.

More information about past HA Student Awards and other opportunities offered by ECOLAS are in the section Past ECOLAS scholarships and awards.