Aliaksei Makhnach


Project Supported by J. J. Kidd Fellowship

For years European Humanities University has been continuously committed to liberal education and thus seeking to further introduce Liberal Arts to the University Curriculum. In 2014-2016 our joint efforts with partners from the Bard College network led towards establishment of the brand new Liberal Arts driven Core Curriculum, obligatory for all undergraduate students at EHU. First Year Seminar is a key element of Core Curriculum.
The FYS aims to generate a number of basic learning competencies with a focus on developing the ability to critically analyze a variety of texts, to discuss them orally and in written form and to prepare creative presentations.
New for the university is such a form of joint work as a Symposium. It is a collective form of work, in frames of which all students and lecturers of the course are meeting together to discuss key problems, ideas and texts that were base for Introduction into Humanities seminars.
The ability to use in course assignments not only texts but also outstanding places, such as Florence, makes FYS very unusual for students and strongly motivates them for deeper understanding “What does it mean – European tradition?”
Purpose: to implement FYS Symposium with students in Florence, prepare materials for 2018/19 academic year and improve Symposium as form of final presentation of student’s work.

Liberal Arts & Sciences And Me

Art and human life have a common basis – creativity. Art and life always require incredible individual efforts to realize them; in this case they are always authentic. Liberal arts education can potentially push a person to create his or her own life in the same way as creating Art.