Femi Odebiyi

I am currently in my eleventh-year as a faculty in the International Business Program at LCC International University (a Christian Liberals Arts University situated in Klaipeda, Lithuania), where I have been involved with both undergraduate and graduate research as both a research methods instructor and research advisor. Additionally, I am active in finding means to provide scholarships, guided mentoring, and internship opportunities for business administration students, especially in the area of research work. I have been committed to student-faculty research collaboration, and it’s no suprise that my ECOLAS J.J. Kidd Fellows application was in the spirit of continuing to have projects that keep our undergraduate liberal arts students engaged in research work. In short, I seek to foster a closer connection between our liberal arts students and cutting-edge business research.

Project Supported by J. J. Kidd Fellowship

The aim of this student-faculty project is to explore and document the trend of senior students’ research work in the business administration program in terms of range and convergence of research topic, type of research methods, data collection procedures, data analysis techniques, nature of literature sources used, types of statistical database used, etc. This comprehensive analysis will help to provide a better perspective on how students conduct their senior level research project, identify the strengths and weaknesses of senior students’ research work and as such, hopefully, provide insights on best practices and direction of needed support in the area of improving students’ research.

Liberal Arts & Sciences And Me

I believe there is no other ground for nurtuting research like that of the liberal arts and science model, which is demonstrated in model’s ability to mold the mind to know how to question both the known and unknown, while at the same time pointing light to where to righthly seek for answers.