Conference: European Liberal Arts Education: renewal and re-formation

Friday 1st September – Saturday 2nd September 2017 at the University of Winchester, UK


Last year Amsterdam University College held a conference on the resurgence of the liberal arts and sciences and core texts courses in Europe in association with ACTC (Association of Core Texts and Courses). It brought people together around a number of important themes and questions, such as the meaning of a well-rounded liberal education, the reading of and education in core texts, pedagogy, assessment techniques and big questions. Papers and discussions ranged from exploring the content and structure of a core texts curriculum to the importance of philosophical, historical, literary and cultural traditions and texts. These discussions were not only collegiate in character; they also opened the door for further links between colleagues, programmes, teaching and research across European institutions.


The 2nd conference at the University of Winchester UK in September 2017, in cooperation with ACTC (Association of Core Texts and Courses), seeks to continue and build on these discussions. Any questions please email


On the website the deadline for proposals has passed but for any enquiries regarding submission of paper proposals as a result of publicity on the ECOLAS website please contact Rebekah Howes directly at