Forthcoming events will present innovations in education


As an advocate of student-centered, co-creative education, ECOLAS is happy to share the following announcement of a number of interesting events on educational innovation, organized by a number of ECOLAS members. These might be relevant for educators working at liberal arts and sciences programs across Europe.


Over the past two years, educators from 6 universities across Europe (Freiburg University, King’s College London, Leuphana University, Maastricht University,  Sciences Po, and Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna di Pisa) have been working together in the CREATES Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership to promote responsive, engaging and co-creative education. They have articulated and developed a number of best practices, educational tools and implementation strategies for educational innovation. These resources are intended to support and inspire higher education institutions to enhance their education, focusing on activating pedagogies and high-quality faculty, peer and self-advising. For more information about this project, please see our website:


They would love to share the results of this project with likeminded educators, and would like to invite you to attend the events we are organizing to disseminate the resources they have been working on. These events are tailored towards practical exchange and networking, focusing on the following topics:


The first event provides specific toolkits for teachers towards a co-creative classroom practice and takes place in Freiburg on March 27. Further information and the registration (until February 28th) can be found here.


The second event presents the toolkits for academic advising and takes place in Maastricht on March 31. Further information and the registration (until March 15th) can be found here.


To support the transition towards more co-creative education, the CREATES policy event will present new and innovative tools that policy makers, politicians and associations can use to encourage HEI’s to adopt student-centered learning practices. This will be held in Brussels on May 27. More information can be found here.


The final event is intended for decision-makers at higher education institutions in Europe and will be an opportunity to explore the need for, but also the challenges in, realizing a more responsive and engaged approach to learning. The event will present the CREATES approach to educational innovation, including its rationale, its principles as well as four toolkits of strategies and methods that can be used to implement it. The event will be held in Lüneburg on June 11 and 12. More information can be found here.


Please feel welcome to distribute the message across your networks and in case of any questions, please feel free to contact the project manager at: