Renewal at ECOLAS

After many years of service, Prof. Dr. Hans Adriaansens, co-founder of ECOLAS and one of the pioneers of liberal education in Europe, has stepped down from the ECOLAS Executive Board. He is succeeded by Teun Dekker, Professor of Liberal Arts and Sciences Education. Teun Dekker has extensive experience with liberal education, first as a student at University College Utrecht, and later as a teacher, administrator and researcher at University College Maastricht. He conducts theoretical and philosophical research concerning the nature of liberal education, as well as its social, political, and educational significance, and is an evangelist for liberal education in Maastricht, the Netherlands and Europe.

Hans Adriaansens will continue to support ECOLAS’ work, as chair of its newly created Advisory Board. The Advisory Board will provide input to the Executive Committee, but also actively participate in the advancement of the Liberal Arts and Sciences, by contributing its expertise and professional standing to a range of projects, including fundraising, consulting, and lobbying work.