New ECOLAS Partner – University College London

Partnership in ECOLAS network, which lists 24 liberal arts and sciences programmes and colleges from 7 European countries, now welcomes Arts and Sciences BASc programme at University College London. Existing only for six years, they have marked down remarkable success. Almost half of their graduates continue studies in a very wide range of master’s programmes, often at elite universities (Oxford, Cambridge, UCL, Imperial College, LSE, NYU, Johns Hopkins, Sciences Po etc.).


Within the UK’s specific flexible labour market and progressive recruitment programmes, the second half of alumni who seek employment right after graduation, enter a very wide range of sectors of work from investment banking and consultancy work, to government and NGOs, to marketing, branding and PR, to heritage, cultural and educational sectors.


Dr. Carl Gombrich, the programme’s director who is nominated as a primary contact person for ECOLAS partnership, says that the range of master’s and PhD studies is extremely broad, from business and economics, through humanities and law, to sciences and engineering. The school is also proud on its graduates who do exciting things in journalism, education, arts, start-ups etc. For more information about Arts and Sciences programmes at UCL, visit their website.