In Defense of the Liberal Arts and Sciences

Two American professional university groups have issued a strong joint statement in defense of the liberal arts and sciences. The American Association of Colleges and Universities and the American Association of University Professors, noting an ever- increasing threat reject the view that the liberal arts and sciences serve just the few and are irrelevant to the realities of the 21st century workplace: “The disciplines of the liberal arts – and the overall benefit of a liberal education – are exemplary in this regard, for they foster intellectual curiosity about questions that will never be definitively settled – questions about justice, about community, about politics and culture, about difference in every sense of the word. All college students and not solely a privileged few should have opportunities to address such questions as a critical part of their educational experience.” The statement also points to the economic benefits derived from the study of humanities in addition to their claim that the liberal arts are the best suited form of higher education to promote life-long learning. Here you can read the complete statement.